About Us

Welcome to Age Of Empires Federation Of Clans!

We, as Clan Leaders, believe that the heart of the community is the average player and the challenges he receives through clans and tournaments.

Through clans, a player can not only find teammates for casual games, but he can also improve his gameplay by learning new tips and tricks.

The Federation offers a motivation for players to engage with clans and a motivation for clans to be active and participate in clan events and tournaments and, eventually, a motivation to create clan based tournaments for average players, as this will help average players improve their gameplay.

Imagine a calendar full of events like FIFA calendar but for Age Of Empires Games! Tournaments targeted for players with different ELO eg. 1300-1400, 1500-1600, 1700-1800, 1900-2000.

Clans will send their best players in tournaments, compete with each other, have fun and create hype for the game and the community itself!

We will try to stream as many games as possible, especially as the events come to their pick time!

Any donations will mostly go back to players and clans as prizes and motivation and to the federation in order to improve its services!

We are gamers and most of us play this game for over 20 years. This game has created lots of real friendships and many great real life events!

We really want this project to be a success, and we will do it!

Step by Step!

Gl, hf, gg to everybody!

George aka ridergr!

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