List of registered Clans Clans

Clan Name Clan Tag Clan Site Voobly Site Country
Age4greeks [A4G] Greece
Valiant Italian Community [Vitac] Italy
SickTacticz [sT] International
Straya [Straya] Australia & New Zealand
Alliance Francophone [Fr'] Canada & France & Belgium & Switzerland
Fratres Fenni fidi [Weljet] Finland
Latin Kingdoms [LAK] America
BuzZ [BuzZ] International
EZ_COMPANY [EZ_] International
The New Hellhunters [NHN] Spain
Eycofcu [Eycofcu] Turkey
Lost Youth Federation [LyF] International
Rulers Of Rome [RoR] International
Malatians [Malatians] Turkey
Doomclan [Doom] Germany
Russia F [Rus_F] Russia and Belarus
NAPS Gran Riserva [NGR] Italy
Zion [Zion] International
New Chapter [nC] Germany & Austria
The Stackers [The Stackers] India
Arg [Arg] Argentina
DarkAgeRules [DaRs] Argentina
Berserker [Berserker] International
Anvil [Anvil] International
The F0rkers [F0rk] International
Argentino Norte [ChaArg] International
Clan Chile [CHI] Chile
dragon ball age (_DBZ) Mexico
Eish de Mancos [EDM] International
Instinct Criminal [Instinct Criminal] International
AAA [AAA ]     México, Argentina, Chile, Perú
FRoST [FRoST] International
TC [TC] International
Los Del Oeste [OesT] Argentina
Clan Latino [LAT] International
Gaucho [Gaucho] Spanish
CZ clan [CZ_] CZ_ Facebook Page Czech
Villains [VLNS] Norway
TiTaNiCHD [THD] International
Denmark [DeN] Denmark

Federation Clans